Third CleanSmoke Coalition Congress
October 30th, 2018
Mercure Airport Hotel Frankfurt/ Germany

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10:00 am     Opening adress

The EU at the eve of a new political season 2019-2024

Roadmap to Re-Authorisation Primary Smoke Products: Positive List 2.0

Regulatory Fitness Check of Smoke Flavourings Regulation

Green vs. green enough: Measuring the impact of climate change mitigation activities

01:00 pm     Lunch break

CleanSmoke in organic food

CleanSmoke for a clean environment

CleanSmoke conquering new markets

03:00 pm     Coffee break

How conservation by smoke can help cut food waste

Panel discussion of engineers: Technical innovations in the smoking of food

04:30 pm     Closing remarks

05:00 pm     Get together

Speakers (excerpt)


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Clean Smoke: Tradition made sustainable – Modernising ancient forms of food processing … with taste

Purified smoke, smoke flavourings and various methods of improving conventional smoking all strive to make food processing by smoking healthier and more sustainable while enhancing flavours and food conservation.

The CleanSmoke Coalition’s mission is to give innovative smoking that pursues these objectives a platform and a voice. It is the representation of stakeholders in state-of-the-art smoking technology and was set up to promote innovative smoking in all its forms and to represent its interests vis-à-vis regulators. The CleanSmoke Coalition aims to unite all stakeholders and scientists willing to improve food smoking and making an ancient technology future-proof.

• Clean for health
• Clean for the environment
• Better for SMEs
• Better for work safety
• Better for cutting emissions
• Better for upholding tradition

The CleanSmoke Coalition aims to be interlocutor for food trade and retail as well as for consumers, environmentalists and their organisations. We also wish to inform the general public of developments and aspire to become a point of reference for the food smoking sector.