Purified smoke, smoke flavourings and various methods of improving conventional smoking all strive to make food processing by smoking healthier and more sustainable while enhancing flavours and food conservation.

The CleanSmoke Coalition’s mission is to give innovative smoking that pursues these objectives a platform and a voice. It is the representation of stakeholders in state-of-the-art smoking technology and was set up to promote innovative smoking in all its forms and to represent its interests vis-à-vis regulators. The CleanSmoke Coalition aims to unite all stakeholders and scientists willing to improve food smoking and making an ancient technology future-proof.

• Clean for health
• Clean for the environment
• Better for SMEs
• Better for work safety
• Better for cutting emissions
• Better for upholding tradition

The CleanSmoke Coalition aims to be interlocutor for food trade and retail as well as for consumers, environmentalists and their organisations. We also wish to inform the general public of developments and aspire to become a point of reference for the food smoking sector. 


Our association

General Assembly

The General Assembly is the forum for all Members to participate in setting the CSC overall objectives and strategy. Meetings are held at least once per calendar year (AGM).



The CSC Council is made up of 10 elected members. The Council has the powers to administer and manage the association, including delegation of management to the Secretariat.


Working Groups

Operational Expert Groups are composed of CSC members’ experts. These Working Groups are established to provide continuous input for CSC positioning on specific scientific and/or regulatory topics to be addressed. Currently the CSC has Working Groups on “Regulatory Affairs”, on “Science” and on “Marketing”.  



The Secretariat is based in Brussels. It manages the day-to-day business of the association and supports the work of the Working Groups and provide the relevant services to CSC members.